Manchester Dog Owners Group (MDOG)
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Pretty simple, right?

While writing a proposal for the Doris Day Dog Park Grant program, we wanted to reflect the constant flow of dog park patrons and the number of visitors per day. Short of putting a doorman at the bullpen gate, one metric stood out: How many poop bags does the park use?

The numbers we arrived at were shocking! Shocking I tell you! In about nine months, the patrons at the park have used almost 8 (eight) thousand poop bags!

For the grant proposal, we used the term “canine waste disposal units” for propriety. But whatever you call them, that’s a lot of … stuff.

Eight thousand bags cost a lot and MDOG foots the bill. We ask that all patrons of the park use the bags economically. If you need one, use just one. Please don’t tear off three or four. And pick up any bag which has fallen on the ground and is still usable.

The Gift Shop page will soon have a donation feature. These donations will be used to purchase more “Canine Waste Disposal Units” as well as provide other park maintenance as needed.

Thank you.