Manchester Dog Owners Group (MDOG)
A Dog Lovers Community

Take the Quiz. Don’t worry – there is no pass or fail.

  1. What is the size of the Dog Park in acre(s)?
  2. Who owns the land on which the park is located?
  3. Who maintains the dog park?
  4. How many poop bags have been used at the park in the last nine months
  5. In case of dog bites, who should be called?
  6. Where are the rules of the dog park posted?
  7. Have you read the rules of the dog park?
  8. Are food, beverages and glass containers allowed in the park?
  9. How many of these are in the dog park?: picnic tables, poop bag dispensers, benches, trees.
  10. If you see trash, damaged tennis balls or toys in the park, what should you do?
  11. Is water available in the park?
  12. How can I help with keeping the dog park a pleasant and safe place?

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