Manchester Dog Owners Group (MDOG)
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Great and Useful Websites for Dog Lovers:

American Kennel Club (AKC):

The AKC is well known for its dog shows and events and categorizing of breeds. Their website has tons of information about recognized breeds, their characteristics and traits.  But there’s much more such as expert advice about grooming, health and nutrition.  It’s a well-developed site and will keep you immersed for hours.

Life with Dogs:

This is a fun site with volumes of dog videos.  While the videos are addictive, the site also publishes great information on health, dog food and training.  Fun, entertaining and educational as well.


This site is for dog and cats but that’s okay. Cats are cool too.  Vetstreet has a Vet locator feature  and contains useful information about pet wellness, health and understanding pet behavior. Contains a fun feature called “Find Your Perfect Breed”.

Modern Dog Magazine:

Volumes and volumes of excellent content, articles videos and information.  It’s called the “Lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions”.   From what I’ve seen, a lot of content is free  although subscriptions are available.  Worth a look.


Art by Thurston Howl III

Author- MDOG Chair: Huskies3andMe

Education and training is a major element of the MDOG mission.  Our Education Chair has developed a series of seminars covering a wide range of canine care.

These seminars are presented at various locations in Manchester.  The schedule for these events will be posted on this page and on the MDOG Calendar.

Hiking 101: a seminar about the do’s and don’ts while having your dog out on a hike. Includes essential information about environmental hazards, wild animal encounters and how to properly prepare your dog and yourself for the outdoors. 

Canine healthcare: a seminar about the importance of veterinary care for your dog. Includes preventative care, life stages, breed specific needs, basic first aid and resources for affordable veterinary care. 

Canine body language and behavior: a seminar on how to understand your dog through body language. Also covers proper training methods/tools, socialization and behavioral correction. 

Dog park etiquette: a seminar on proper dog and human etiquette at the dog park to ensure a positive experience for all. Includes how and when to prepare your dog for the park and proper ways to socialize and interact with other dogs while there. 

Canine nutrition: a seminar about proper canine nutrition and diet. Includes breed specific needs, life stage standards, how to pick the right food and prescription diet needs. 

Collars, leashes and harnesses oh my!: a seminar on the proper gear for your dog. Includes what type of gear works best for your dog as well as when to utilize specific gear for training needs. 

Rescue 101: a seminar discussing what rescue entails. Includes information about the types of rescues, proper rescue standards, and how to get involved. Also discusses shelters, legislative advocacy and the current animal rights climate in Connecticut.